Nebulization in Poultry: the 6x1
animal chicken cockerel countryside

Written by Franklin Gutiérrez

Published August 23, 2020

Nebulization in poultry is a cooling system that provides very beneficial results for environmental control for its excellent results in cooling the shed or ship, in addition and for the same investment we obtain:

  1. Environmental control: Cooling.
  2. Automatic disinfection system.
  3. Automatic disinfection system
  4. Odour emission control
  5. Keeps dust levels low on the ship
  6. It is easy to install, fast and economical.

Of the different temperature control systems that we can choose on a farm, the mist is one of them cannot be a priori discarded, even ships with coolings can be compatible with this system for its wide utility. It is in the ships already built where this system shows its total versatility, allows contained costs to significantly improve environmental control and simplify handling for its great flexibility and adaptability to the ship.

The system itself is very simple, as it simplifies little, consists of pipe, nozzles and pressure group. Connecting the system to the environmental control computer or, if not, a temperature probe allows you to set the system performance automatically when the temperature rises above expected, while a watch or manual connection will give you the different use alternatives that you want to give.

The size of the drop we will generate is of relative importance, but it must be taken into account, since the smaller its refreshing effectiveness, and if our primary interest is to control temperatures in summer we must take it into account.


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