Experts Misting Systems and Solutions

Our technology allows us to offer automated spray solutions for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.


Temperature control

Automated systems focused on increased conversion.

Disinfection systems

Automated capsules, archways, and other misting systems.

Other misting solutions

High pressure lubricant and chemical injection.

Who we are

In 2011 a couple of Costa Rican entrepreneurs, we came together to form an innovative company that would provide novel solutions to problems in different industries. Thus we find an opportunity solving the heat problem faced by many producers in industry and agribusiness; we started by being the exclusive representatives, in Costa Rica, of Mist and More, a company that offers solutions to heat, through high pressure spraying, focusing primarily on the tourism industry.

Over time we adapt the spray at high pressure to the needs of the Costa Rican market and develop new solutions in other areas and in different industries of the country. This is how we became the leading company in high pressure temperature control in poultry, swine and dairy production, providing entrepreneurs in other industries.

We have developed endless solutions in low, medium and high pressure controlled environments; from disinfection to the food industry, public transport and the health area, such as moisture control, lubricant application, mosquito and odor control and many more. We define production washing automation processes in bananas and have also collaborated on construction and humidification projects in plant storage.

After serving Costa Rican companies, expansion to Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States began in 2020. As a company, IGC Solutions seeks to continue to provide value and help entrepreneurs in the region improve their production and efficiency in their processes.

Mission, Vision and Values



We are a diversified investment group seeking to create innovative solutions in emerging markets. We maximize the use technology while guaranteeing professionalism, high ethical standards and extraordinary customer service.



Offer innovative solutions in emerging markets by improving performance for our customers.



Our values as a company are Honesty, diligence, adaptability And Determination





IGC Solutions is a solid, creative and hands-on company. The main focus of our identity is problem solving.