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Limitless options for staying cool with our custom misting systems! Servicing Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

We Are IGC Cooling Solutions

We are experts in misting systems and solutions offering automated spray solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Where Are Misting Systems Used?


Expand your livable space, relax, and enjoy the outdoors no matter what the temperatures soar to in the hot months of the year.


Patios, rooftops, and courtyards can provide an exceptional revenue source, so keep your patrons comfortable on warm days with a custom mist system.


Disinfection systems for personnel in plants, factories and buildings, conveyor belts, food handling spaces, work teams and fumigation arches and so much more.

Why Install a Misting System?

High pressure mist cooling is one of the most efficient methods available for cooling open outdoor areas. Misting Systems can reduce air temperature. With our misting nozzles and high pressure create a mist of ultra-fine water droplets that keep you, your guests, and animals cool.


Cheaper Than Air Conditioners

Keep You Cool and Lowers Surrounding Temperature

They Provide Relief from Dust and Pollen

Installation is Fast and Flexible 

We Are Trusted by Industry Leaders

IGC Cooling Solutions is trusted by companies and organizations both large and small across Latin America and the US.  We are a solid, creative, and hands-on company. The focus of our identity is problem solving. Imagine what we can do for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do misting systems work?

Misting systems are composed of mist nozzles placed in a line around the perimeter of an area or in fans. Water is forced through these nozzles by a high-pressure misting system pump that quickly atomizes water to tiny droplets. As the water droplets are introduced to an outdoor area, they quickly evaporate by taken energy from the air in form of heat, thus lower temperature reductions of up to X degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I decide which type of misting system I need?

Although the basic requirements for all misting systems are similar, there are some specific differences that should be reviewed. You will speak with a qualified expert that will help determine which type of installation is best for any given application. 

Do misting systems require maintenance?

As with any piece of equipment, there are some important maintenance issues to consider. We offer misting system maintenance consisting of misting system pump check and cleaning of nozzles plus draining the system each winter to prevent freezing. With regular maintenance, a misting system will last for many years.

How much do misting systems cost?

The cost of a misting system depends on the size and specific requirements of the application. It is best to get in touch with us to better assess your needs and system requirements before you make a decision.

Do you work on existing misting systems?

Yes, if your home or business has an existing misting system in need of maintenance, we can help you get it up and running in no time. Please get in touch with us to better assess your needs.

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